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Legal "Earlier this month Judge William Alsup ordered Oracle and Google to disclose any journalists or bloggers either has paid that could have commented on the Oracle v. Google case. Both parties responded last week - but Judge Alsup didn't think Google was completely forthright, and has asked the company to try again by the end of the week." Good to know Alsup is on top of this. Google claimed it hadn't paid any shills, but as large and powerful as the company is, I find that very hard to believe.
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RE[3]: Comment by Stephen!
by Laurence on Tue 21st Aug 2012 14:20 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by Stephen!"
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I fail to understand what's wrong with bias. Nothing in the world falls exactly in the middle of any axis. The only thing that is wrong is sticking to a point along the axis where the truth of a matter isn't.

I never said there was anything wrong with a bias and I don't even see how any of that is even relevant to point.

Oracle: bad image thus pays people to promote the company.
Google: good image thus doesn't need to pay people to promote the company.

It's really no different to any other form of advertising, from Oracles perspective.

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