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Gnome In a recent interview with the Austrian newssite, GNOME designer Jon McCann talks about GNOME OS, the consequences of Canonical leaving GNOME behind, the purported removal of features and the future role of Linux distributions. "I think there was a time when GNOME had kind of a crisis, we didn't know where we wanted to go, we were lacking goals and vision - that was the end of the GNOME2 cycle. So we pulled together and formed a vision where we want to go - and actually did something about it. And now we have been marching on that plan for quite some time."
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RE[6]: Plan?
by linux-lover on Tue 21st Aug 2012 20:56 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Plan?"
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No, the excuse is that they like to keep the applications simple, an extra pane with tabs is not simple, the task can be acomplished with two instances side by side, some people may not understand the change like you and is ok, but is not the end of the world eather, some people just like to extrapolate their own issues.

First, not on by defualt. You had to ask the application to show panes or tabs. There isn't even a new tab button.

Yes you can view 2 directroies by having 2 windows, but that is inefficent compared to panes.

The point is, according to the git commit was it does not work well on touch. I really don't care about the pane feature. I am just citing this a evidence that gnome cares more about touch then traditional input methods.

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