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Legal "Google's Motorola Mobility unit said it filed a new patent-infringement case against Apple claiming that features on some Apple devices, including the Siri voice-recognition program, infringe its patents. The complaint at the U.S. International Trade Commission claims infringement of seven Motorola Mobility patents on features including location reminders, e-mail notification and phone/video players, Motorola Mobility said yesterday. The case seeks a ban on U.S. imports of devices including the iPhone, iPad and Mac computers." Can anybody explain to me how this is a new suit when Motorola and Apple have been wasting tax money and court resources for years now?
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by andydread on Tue 21st Aug 2012 23:45 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by shmerl"
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"The question would be, who started the fight?

Motorola sued Apple first.

2010, Oct 06: Motorola sued Apple over 18 patents, and filed an ITC complaint against Apple over 6 of them.

Rearrange the following words to make a well known saying:









Apple started this "We are going to destroy Android, I'm willing to go thermonuclear on this, I am willing to spend every bit of Apple's 50 Billion in the bank to right this wrong." -- Steve Jobs.

Motorola sued apple first in an pre-emptive attempt to get a declaratory judgement that they do not infringe 7 patents that Apple was threatening them with.

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