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Legal "After weeks of witnesses, prototypes, and one last failed settlement talk, it came down to this: Apple and Samsung's closing arguments in what is very likely the tech trial of the century. The day saw both sides landing heavy blows before sending the case off to the jury - where anything can happen." The jury has to contend with 109 (!) pages of instructions and a verdict form consisting of whopping 22 pages with over 700 (!) verdicts to make - and they have to be unanimous. This is beyond ridiculous, bordering on the clinically insane. With several options for appeal still open, there is nothing to be gained from this. It's a circus.
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RE[7]: Resistance is Futile...
by MOS6510 on Wed 22nd Aug 2012 14:05 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Resistance is Futile..."
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They didn't break any "law". The original agreement was made in 1978, during the build-your-own-Apple days.

It took 8 years, which is a very very long time in tech, for the first incident which was the addition of a MIDI interface.

This event was most probably not foreseen in 1978 and a true "grey area". Apple wasn't making or selling music, but it did enable musicians to do so. So the settled and the Apple ][ got canned.

The second event was 5 years later, again a long time and another grey area which also got sorted.

Then 12 years(!) later Apple Corps sued and lost.

And that was it, Apple Computer bought them out.

There is nothing weird, strange, illegal, scummy or anything unusual about this and compares in no way to the cases the last couple of years where Apple sued and got sued.

But just because it is Apple you present it as evidence that Apple is evil and breaks the law just because they can or don't think the law doesn't apply to them.

Apple Computer never damaged Apple Corps or made their own Beatles music. They kept the agreement and when the situation changed they gave them money.

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