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Apple "AT&T is defending its decision to limit the use of Apple's video chat feature, FaceTime, to its Mobile Share data plans by saying that the limitation does not violate the FCC's net neutrality rules. The company wrote in a blog post on Wednesday that some groups had 'another knee-jerk reaction' to AT&T's limitation, but the company argues that its decision meets all FCC requirements." You can expect Verizon to follow suit soon. Carriers don't do things like this unless they know the competition will tag along. This also happens to explain why Apple probably can't do much about it; if both Verizon and AT&T give FaceTime the boot like this, there's little Apple can do. For what it's worth - I'm happy The Netherlands (and Chile!) has unconditional net neutrality. This would not fly here, further illustrating the need for net neutrality.
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by marcp on Thu 23rd Aug 2012 09:11 UTC
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Don't be so sure, Thom. It all starts with small things, like using proprietary operating system [both PC and mobile], proprietary document, video. music formats, and then it comes to the internet land, because people have eyes and braines and they can see, that "oh, look! they are willing to pay thousands of dollars to lock themselves up in Apple's/Micfosoft's/whoever walled garden, let's try the same with internet packets, packet priorities, etc".
So you may think to yourself "oh, well, I'm gonna trie new Windows 8/OSX/iOS/whatever", but you vote with your wallet. You vote for specific - not instantly obvious to read - technologies which may actually make your life harder.
The reasonable choice is to support open and free projects. Support them with your wallet [vote with your wallet], your knowledge [participate in projects], etc.

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