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OSNews, Generic OSes The just released version 12.08 of the Genode OS Framework comes with the ability to run Genode-based systems on ARM hardware without an underlying kernel, vastly improves the support for the NOVA hypervisor, and adds device drivers for the OMAP4 SoC. Further functional additions are a FFAT-based file system service, the port of the lighttpd web server, and support for on-target debugging via GDB.
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RE: Good Progress
by nfeske on Fri 24th Aug 2012 15:17 UTC in reply to "Good Progress"
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Thanks for your encouraging words!

Regarding your question about supporting CPU architectures other than ARM for the base-hw platform, there is a rough plan to incorporate MicroBlaze support and thereby displacing the original base-mb platform. There was also a conversation on the mailing list about supporting OpenRISC via base-hw. But those lines of work are not definite. Even though the base-hw concept would principally be applicable to x86, there is currently no plan to pursue this direction. The current focus is certainly ARM.

Which architecture have you had in mind?

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