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OSNews, Generic OSes The just released version 12.08 of the Genode OS Framework comes with the ability to run Genode-based systems on ARM hardware without an underlying kernel, vastly improves the support for the NOVA hypervisor, and adds device drivers for the OMAP4 SoC. Further functional additions are a FFAT-based file system service, the port of the lighttpd web server, and support for on-target debugging via GDB.
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RE[3]: Good Progress
by nfeske on Fri 24th Aug 2012 19:48 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Good Progress"
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For running Genode on x86 in general, there is no urgent need to have this architecture covered by base-hw. There are several other kernels among Genode's supported base platforms that support x86 just fine, i.e., NOVA.

Thank you for having taken the time to study the release notes in such detail.

The paragraph you cited refers to the libc. Before the change, the mentioned functions had been mere dummy stubs. Now, they do something meaningful. The lock is locally within the process. The kernel doesn't know anything about the lock nor is it directly involved in handling the actual read/write/lseek operation. Please remember that we are using a microkernel-based architecture where I/O is performed by user-level components rather than the kernel.

Is one lock for pread/pwrite per process a bottleneck? This is a good question, which is quite hard to answer without having a workload that heavily uses these functions from multiple threads. As long as many processes contend for I/O or the workload is generally bounded by I/O, this is not a scalability issue.

For multi-threaded POSIX applications that call those functions concurrently, however, I agree that the lock per process could be replaced by a lock per file descriptor to improve SMP scalability. I couldn't name such an application from the top of my head, though. Do you have an example that would be worthwhile to investigate? We may change the locking once we see this becoming a real issue rather than a speculative one. Until then, it is just nice to have the functional gap in Genode's libc closed without the risk of introducing race conditions.

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