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Internet Explorer As Microsoft inches closer to the first beta release of Internet Explorer 7, the company's development advisors have been advising Web site developers and managers to run certain tests now to prevent problems when the beta version does appear.
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The real problem is...
by gonzalo on Sun 17th Jul 2005 08:24 UTC
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The real problem is we seem to have somehow accustomed ourselves to this stupid nonsense of browser incompatibilities.

In a better world, a developer would work on a standard which should work on any capable browser and degrade transparently in more limited ones. MS wouldn't go around saying "Oi, your pages may not work on our browser so you have to fix that". They (or any other browser maker) would just support this and that standard and that's it.

I know that's kind of utopic. But, on the other hand, the situation as it is right now is really sad. Not only because of the incompatibilities, but because we, the developers, seem to have accepted them.

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