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Microsoft Microsoft's response to Apple's win is probably the most cringeworthy of all. Blatantly admitting Windows Phone can't make a dent in the market on merit, but instead requires the court room to do so, Bill Cox, senior director of Windows Phone marketing communications, said: "Windows Phone is looking gooooood right now." Nauseating.
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Apple has their own survey which says that isn't the case - people who have bought Android devices don't see any similarities nor did they buy it because they thought they were getting a cheaper iPhone.

Handing a jury not knowledgeable about technology a set of very narrow questions where similarities were doctored in is not much of a victory, and this has no real chance of being upheld on appeal.

True - having had a look further into the case it appears that large sways of evidence by Samsung have been thrown out by the judge such as evidence of prior art related to the particular patented technologies Apple claims Samsung infringed on. I think Apple is just pissed off that although the iPhone sparked off the consumer smart phone it appears that for many they're quite happy with what the others have to offer which offer similar functionality at a reasonable price (the price difference between SIII and iPhone 4S is minuscule). Maybe Apple needs to adopt the position that they took when it comes to the Mac - for Apple to succeed it doesn't mean that Android has to fail. Personally there is a tonne of room for growth so why Apple can't see this as an opportunity I'm befuddled. Maybe their overinflated share price is based on unrealistic expectations of Apple and the executive team see the law suit as the only way of ensuring that the share price remains where it is by securing future dominance.

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