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Microsoft Microsoft's response to Apple's win is probably the most cringeworthy of all. Blatantly admitting Windows Phone can't make a dent in the market on merit, but instead requires the court room to do so, Bill Cox, senior director of Windows Phone marketing communications, said: "Windows Phone is looking gooooood right now." Nauseating.
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RE: Embarrassing
by cdude on Sat 25th Aug 2012 18:21 UTC in reply to "Embarrassing"
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Not only that. Microsoft wrote that *NOW* they are good. That means before the juri spoke they where not. Microsoft himself, through its PR-man number 1, admits that the product was not good before the juri spoke. Now it happens to be the case that Windows Phone 8 was RTM before the juri spoke and hence the product itself, Windows Phone 8, will not change till launch. Nokia for example has that "before the juri spoke" not-good version and presents it in ~2 weeks to the world with there new Lumia product lines.

That is news. Microsoft itself says Windows Phone 8 is not good. At least not till the juri spoke. Does anybody think customers will receive the not-good product Windows Phone 8 as good now cause the Apple vs Samsung juri spoke? Really?

Fatal communication, Microsoft. Close to another osborn. You can just be happy nobody really cares about your PR man's messages right now cause of the Apple vs Samsung story.

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