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Microsoft Microsoft's response to Apple's win is probably the most cringeworthy of all. Blatantly admitting Windows Phone can't make a dent in the market on merit, but instead requires the court room to do so, Bill Cox, senior director of Windows Phone marketing communications, said: "Windows Phone is looking gooooood right now." Nauseating.
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RE: Windows Phone
by tanzam75 on Sat 25th Aug 2012 23:49 UTC in reply to "Windows Phone"
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The verdict is good for Microsoft in the short-run. But in the long-run, Microsoft may well regret cheering on Apple's victory.

In the short-run, OEMs have just been given another reason to consider Windows Phone. (Except for Motorola.)

But Windows Phone is only sitting pretty because of the patent cross-licensing agreement with Apple. That agreement was signed back when Apple was a small fraction of its current size. Does Microsoft really expect Apple to renew the agreement on the same terms, once it expires?

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were known to have had a personal rapport that made up for a lot of bad blood between their companies. Bill Gates is still around, but Steve Jobs isn't.

The next licensing agreement with Apple will be substantially less favorable to Microsoft.

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