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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless In light of the jury verdict in Apple vs. Samsung, the one-liners and jokes flew back and forth. One in particular, by Dan Frakes, has been copied and pasted all over the web, and it goes like this: "When the iPhone debuted, it was widely criticized for having no buttons/keys. Now people think the iPhone's design is 'obvious'." This is a very common trend in this entire debate that saddens me to no end: the iPhone is being compared to simple feature phones, while in fact, it should be compared to its true predecessor: the PDA. PDAs have always done with few buttons.
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Fair comment but the reviews of the woefully underpowered/featured-poor iphone were by and large written by people that had only ever used "dumb" phones.

Anecdotally, I recall sitting in pubs with windows mobile units and being asked why I would want an internet capable touch screen phone, as late as 2008. I mention 2008 because I didn't meet anyone that had the first iphone. Ironically for the next couple of years I had to endure the same muppets going "look what I can do with my iPhone, it is amazing" and then giving me puzzled looks when I tell them that I have been able to do the same thing for years, and indeed that I could do much more.

Kudos to apple for taking someone else's hard work and making it popular, lack of kudos for then patenting that hard work and using it as a stick to beat the competition.

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