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Legal And just like that, within a matter of days, the jury has reached a verdict in Apple vs. Samsung. The basic gist is simple: Apple's software patents are valid, and many Samsung devices infringe upon them. Apple's iPhone 3G trade dress is valid, and Samsung's Galaxy S line infringes, but other devices did not. Samsung did not infringe Apple's iPad design patent. Apple did not infringe any of Samsung's patents. Apple is awarded a little over $1 billion in damages. Competition lost today, and developers in the United States should really start to get worried - software patents got validated big time today.
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RE[4]: Everybody wins
by zima on Wed 29th Aug 2012 01:17 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Everybody wins"
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2. The whole situation was brought upon the world by Microsoft blatantly cashing in on (a) PCDOS, and marketing MSDOS instead; (b) "copying" (and getting almost everything wrong in doing so, but that's a different story:) Apple's user interface.

You make no sense whatsoever. PC-DOS was just a branding of MS-DOS, when used on PCs sold by IBM. PC-DOS was made by Microsoft.

And about that "desktop GUI look and feel" (which Apple took from Xerox) lawsuit against MS - notably, Xerox sued Apple on the same charges, too, at the time.
But it's quite hypocritical to allege that MS stole the GUI from Apple, while poitning out it was quite different (logically, that's what "getting almost everything wrong" would really imply)

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