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Linux "For years now, Linux has been a black sheep standing in the shadow of Apple and Microsoft. Despite having a fervent and enthusiastic following, the operating system hasn't been able to grab a sizable share of the computing market and has instead been content to subsist on the customers that come away dissatisfied with the mainstream competition. But that may be about to change. With the release of Microsoft Windows 8 on the horizon, some are saying Linux may have a great opportunity to steal a significant share of the market away from Microsoft, allowing it to finally take the helm as a major operating system service provider." This has to stop, and the only reason I'm linking to this nonsense is to make this very clear: Linux will not magically conquer the desktop or even make any significant gains because of Windows 8. People who don't like Windows 8 (Vista) will continue to use Windows 7 (Windows XP). This is getting so tiring. And does it even matter? Linux is winning big time in the mobile space, server space, and countless other spaces. The desktop is and always has been irrelevant to Linux.
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But y'all missed the point which was it was a tower of Babel! Things that are so simple you don't even think about them, like taking a file from home, printing it at school or vice versa? Practically impossible!

Like it or hate it MSFT and the cloners did at least bring us some basic standards that now benefit us all. Before you couldn't even buy things like memory without it being a total crapshoot (anybody remember Compaq RAM?) and NOTHING that wasn't made by the same manufacturer, and sometimes not even then, talked to each other. Apple couldn't read an IBM floppy, Commodore couldn't read Apple, nobody could read ANYTHING because nothing was compatible with anybody else's stuff!

And it is THIS reason why having a half a dozen OSes would be bad, because everyone would have their own formats jockeying for dominance and we'd be right back to where we were then, with no idea what is gonna work and what isn't, or what is gonna talk to what.

Of course it looks like in the future Linux may end up shut out, I'm already seeing ExFAT flash sticks and Apple is pushing H.26x which is a patent trolls wet dream, but at least we can exchange files with each other and a web page is a web page. Or did everybody forget that back then you couldn't even count on that, because both Netscape and MSFT supported different proprietary tags, so even web pages were different or even broken if you didn't run the "right" browser!

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