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Graphics, User Interfaces Sometimes, you wake up in the morning, check your RSS feeds, and you know you just hit the jackpot. From the AT&T archives comes a video and description of Blit, a UNIX graphical user interface from 1982, on a 800x1024 portrait display. It employs a three button mouse, right-click context menus, multiple windows, and lots, lots more. It was developed at Bell Labs, and is yet another case that illustrates how the technology industry doesn't work in a vacuum.
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RE[4]: Is it me?
by Laurence on Wed 29th Aug 2012 22:13 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Is it me? "
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There are people who around who still do this.

Mutt is a very powerful console email client for example, it's very easy to have it running in a console window while doing other CLI stuff.

On the first Mac I used I only ran only some terminal program and the 30 day Netscape version.

Oh sorry, you meant out of choice. I thought you were making a swipe at Linux development.

Yeah, I basically run X just to run multiple terminals (though I typically use tmux terminal multiplexer with tiled sessions - so technically that's only one terminal emulator). I'm not a great example of a typical desktop Linux user though, given I'm UNIX administrator by trade.

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