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Graphics, User Interfaces Sometimes, you wake up in the morning, check your RSS feeds, and you know you just hit the jackpot. From the AT&T archives comes a video and description of Blit, a UNIX graphical user interface from 1982, on a 800x1024 portrait display. It employs a three button mouse, right-click context menus, multiple windows, and lots, lots more. It was developed at Bell Labs, and is yet another case that illustrates how the technology industry doesn't work in a vacuum.
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Just a reminder
by Sabon on Wed 29th Aug 2012 23:34 UTC
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First I want to say I'm not one of the people that think that only one company comes up with ideas that are similar.

People do think that Apple stole IP from Xerox PARC. The truth is that Xerox was asked by Apple if it was OK with them. They made a deal where Xerox got Apple shares in exchange for Apple using as much IP as they wanted.

Note that a few years later Xerox sold that stock for over $16 million. Keep in mind that this was in the mid '80s when $16 million meant something to companies.

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