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Morphos PPCNux (German) as well as Pegasos-Forum (German) report about new information about Genesi's new G5 based mainboard. The mainboard which will feature the PowerPC 970MP CPU will have the new microBTX format (26.4x26.7cm/10.4"x10.5"). As system controller IBM's 945 northbridge was chosen which is the corresponding version of the current PowerMac's system controller. ATI will provide the graphics chipset for the new mainboard. It is currently not known which product name the mainboard will have. In addition, Mupper 1.0 has been released.
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Reasonable price.
by Anonymous on Sun 30th Oct 2005 21:37 UTC
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The Bill Buck and Raquel Velasco Blog site says that they are planning to sell this board at a reasonable price.

Sure you can find also a pretty PPC G5 based postcard dedicated to the community there...

Again: On the site seem they are looking for the better support for graphics, aiming at ATI.

I don't know if they are planning to add on the motherboard a graphic chip on-board...
Mainboard is microATX form factor (don't forget this fact).
An onboard chip solution will avoid the use of a card connected to BUS that RISES up from the motherboard.

This feature seems good for server usage of the new platform...

Also this fact will allow more opportunities to cool entire motherboard.

(The users who want a complete PCI-Express solution, then they will buy graphic cards of their choice and enhance cooling system by themselves)

MORE! The PPC G5 used in this motherboard are sure the new PPC 970MP of incoming next generation to be released soon.
These new CPUs solve most of the heat dissipation problems of first series of PPC G5.

And is interesting to point at the fact that IBM licenced to Genesi the use of the 945 northbridge, which equipped POWER series of Macintosh and that "BigBlue" firm developed times ago to accomplish Apple requests.

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