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Graphics, User Interfaces Sometimes, you wake up in the morning, check your RSS feeds, and you know you just hit the jackpot. From the AT&T archives comes a video and description of Blit, a UNIX graphical user interface from 1982, on a 800x1024 portrait display. It employs a three button mouse, right-click context menus, multiple windows, and lots, lots more. It was developed at Bell Labs, and is yet another case that illustrates how the technology industry doesn't work in a vacuum.
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by kovacm on Thu 30th Aug 2012 05:41 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by kovacm"
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Mac OS X and iOS basically *are* NeXTStep. Aparently you weren't aware of this...

why you think that? that I wasn't aware of this?
or that Microsoft bring Dave Cutler and half of his team to make NT.

apparently you did not understand me.

what I want to say is that there is nothing new:
as Thom trying to say: "look, there was work on GUI before Mac" of course there was.

same you can tell for NT that is "based" on VMS (NT could be a DEC product anyway)
or NeXT that is based on UNIX
or as DOS is "based" ;) ;) on CP/M
GEM is based on GSX

there is nothing brand new on this world, but ultimately everything is come back to TASTE. that's separate successful product and not successful product. (except in case of Microsoft Windows ;) )

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