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Linux Miguel de Icaza: "To sum up: (a) First dimension: things change too quickly, breaking both open source and proprietary software alike; (b) incompatibility across Linux distributions. This killed the ecosystem for third party developers trying to target Linux on the desktop. You would try once, do your best effort to support the 'top' distro or if you were feeling generous 'the top three' distros. Only to find out that your software no longer worked six months later. Supporting Linux on the desktop became a burden for independent developers." Mac OS X came along to scoop up the Linux defectors.
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RE[3]: Bitter Miguel
by lucas_maximus on Thu 30th Aug 2012 11:14 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Bitter Miguel"
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Yes because dropping down to the command line and editing repositories is something a normal person wants to do ... NOT!

And as you say it probably works the same way in another distro ... BUT NOT THE SAME WAY.

Miguel criticism is the fragmentation and you comment just proved it, you can do it a myriad of different ways depending on your distro. Even if you took all of the different way you normally would install these on Windows, it is still walking through an Installer Wizard.

Lets forget depending on the media player and whether your audio backend you might have to install different packages.

I can't be arsed with this shit half the time, and I am an OpenBSD user. If anyone else had to do this they would say "this is a bit shit isn't it".

Lets compare it to Windows

In Windows:

* Download Klite Codec Pack, VLC, iTunes or any other popular media player
* Install.

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