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BeOS & Derivatives Haiku's 64bit port is progressing nicely. "As you can see, this looks pretty much like a regular Haiku desktop. There's still a lot of things missing, though - not many apps or drivers yet. However, most things should be fairly simple to get working, typically just a few compilation fixes."
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...let's assume 64bit would be entirely Gcc4

x86_64 is gcc4 only, gcc2 is for x86 only.

...does that mean 3 sets of libraries?

Yes, each application needs to be packaged into 3 binaries, one for x86 gcc2, one for x86 gcc4, and a third for x86_64.

Right now it is difficult enough to maintain separate x86 gcc2 and gcc4 packages, x86_64 will add a 3rd. This is a good opportunity for the package manager and IDEs to make this easier by automatically generating "Fat" binaries that run on all architectures.

However, this is a problem that must not be solved immediately because the official Haiku R1 release will be x86 gcc2h (32-bit). Official x86_64 support will come in R2.

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