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Legal We all know about Apple's look-and-feel lawsuit against Microsoft over Windows 2.0, but this wasn't the only look-and-feel lawsuit Apple filed during those years. Digital Research, Inc., the company behind GEM, also found itself on the pointy end of Apple's needle. Unlike the lawsuit against Microsoft, though, Apple managed to 'win' the one against DRI.
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Is it just me...
by bowkota on Thu 30th Aug 2012 21:16 UTC
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It feels like most of the articles written by the author have a certain negative/ironic/sarcastic/judgemental character towards a particular company. We're always hearing 'one side of the story'.
It's certainly ironic considering how this particular person is very judgemental of other individuals who he claims are doing the exact same thing.
You're not doing your writing justice; there's always good points in your articles but right now, most of it looks like trolling.
Maybe I'm paranoid, maybe it's just me.

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