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Legal We all know about Apple's look-and-feel lawsuit against Microsoft over Windows 2.0, but this wasn't the only look-and-feel lawsuit Apple filed during those years. Digital Research, Inc., the company behind GEM, also found itself on the pointy end of Apple's needle. Unlike the lawsuit against Microsoft, though, Apple managed to 'win' the one against DRI.
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RE[3]: dear Thom
by Thom_Holwerda on Thu 30th Aug 2012 22:32 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: dear Thom"
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OSNews is, and always will be, going with a flow - a flow determined by the interests of the person doing 99.9% of the news. Back when Eugenia did her thing, she had a flow too. A few months with a focus on this, then a few months a focus on that. The same applies to me. Right now, my focus is on the fact that I'm seeing history being rewritten before my very eyes, and I want to do something to counter that. That's my prerogative as the person doing 99.9% of the work here.

I will not hide or ignore facts that are inconvenient to you. I will not go out of my way to treat Apple fans any differently from any other fans. Much like how Windows 8 and Metro get their fair share of criticism from me, or Android's severe upgrade mess, I will not tone those down because I might step on a few toes. We're all adults here.

If I'm ostensibly lying or presenting false information - point it out and we all learn. If you feel my opinion is wrong, argue your case - much like I have to do every day here in the comments sections. You don't see me run away from that either. And, as always, feel free to write an article in case you want more prominence than a comment can give you. We point this possibility out time and time again, but somehow, people like you never take us up on it.

That you never take me up on the article offer, and the fact that you're failing to come up with arguments and instead just shout BIAS! makes it very clear to me I argued my case pretty damn well with this article.

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