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General Development After more than a decade, Lazarus has reached version 1.0. For those that don't know Lazarus - it's a Delphi-like IDE for the Free Pascal Compiler and has widget sets for win32/64 GTK2, Qt, and others. It's very very much like Delphi and instead of the VCL it has the LCL which is cross platform. Syntax is almost exactly the same as Delphi. You can create stand-alone win32/64 executables that require no .NET runtime or even an installer.
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RE: Delphi
by ggeldenhuys on Fri 31st Aug 2012 01:03 UTC in reply to "Delphi"
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The Lazarus project created a fantastic IDE. The editor is just filled with cool features - some not so obvious for the casual user, but for the working programmer it is great.

The BIG plus over Delphi, is that you have the source code. I often tweak things to suite my needs, or to fix a bug instantly. This is where Delphi falls down - it is a "black box" you can't tinker with, and you are at the mercy of a company that doesn't always know where it is heading.

The Free Pascal Compiler (which Lazarus uses) is also fantastic. Supporting something like 20 platforms. FPC can even generate Java bytecode applications.

Our company has been using Lazarus for the last 7 years. We have cross-platform desktop applications, Linux daemons, console utilities, CGI apps etc.

The FPC and Lazarus projects definitely deserve more attention from programmers. FPC's Object Pascal languages has modern features, easy to read and understand, and a very fast single pass compiler.

It's wonderful to see that the Lazarus project finally made the 1.0 milestone.

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