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Internet & Networking "In my not-so-spare time I work on a new technology called Hyperaudio. A question I'm frequently asked is 'What exactly is Hyperaudio?'. Well, it can be a lot of things but I often find it useful to distill it into a sentence. I got it down to this: 'Hyperaudio is to audio as Hypertext is to text.' I usually pause at this point because that statement is loaded with implications."
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A suggestion?
by bassbeast on Fri 31st Aug 2012 06:11 UTC
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Please include support for 2 mike noise canceling if you are gonna be trying to capture audio and convert speech to text, with more and more devices including 2 mikes for noise cancellation and with so much noise going on around us having an algorithm to support that would probably be very helpful to future website builders wanting to use your tech.

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