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General Development After more than a decade, Lazarus has reached version 1.0. For those that don't know Lazarus - it's a Delphi-like IDE for the Free Pascal Compiler and has widget sets for win32/64 GTK2, Qt, and others. It's very very much like Delphi and instead of the VCL it has the LCL which is cross platform. Syntax is almost exactly the same as Delphi. You can create stand-alone win32/64 executables that require no .NET runtime or even an installer.
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RE[3]: Delphi
by ggeldenhuys on Fri 31st Aug 2012 08:58 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Delphi"
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Do you still go your own GUI or have you moved to LCL...?

Yes I still develop and use fpGUI Toolkit ( ), instead of the LCL. My own custom drawn cross-platform GUI framework. I do use the Lazarus IDE for 90% of my coding and debugging though.

The Delphi VCL is very Windows centric, because it is essentially a wrapper for the Win32. To me that meant, not ideal for cross-platform design. But saying that, it is amazing what the Lazarus folk have accomplished with the LCL.

Win32 API (but never as horrible as MFC) and breaking that makes porting code to LCL non-trivial.

The Lazarus guys have also spent a lot of time developing project convertors, to help you move your Delphi VCL code over to FPC+Lazarus. Apparently that does a very good job, and a huge time saver.

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