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Legal We all know about Apple's look-and-feel lawsuit against Microsoft over Windows 2.0, but this wasn't the only look-and-feel lawsuit Apple filed during those years. Digital Research, Inc., the company behind GEM, also found itself on the pointy end of Apple's needle. Unlike the lawsuit against Microsoft, though, Apple managed to 'win' the one against DRI.
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You find this telling?
by Tony Swash on Fri 31st Aug 2012 16:12 UTC
Tony Swash
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You seem to find it significant that Apple chose to sue companies who were using what it considered to be it's IP when those companies used that IP to take away Apple's business but didn't bother to sue when the IP did not lead to loss of business. How and why is that anything other than what one would expect? To say this shows Apple was 'afraid' of competition seems a bit of reach to me. Doesn't it just show that it was the use of what Apple considered to be it's IP to take away business that Apple considered the problem. Isn't that just normal?

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