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Graphics, User Interfaces Sometimes, you wake up in the morning, check your RSS feeds, and you know you just hit the jackpot. From the AT&T archives comes a video and description of Blit, a UNIX graphical user interface from 1982, on a 800x1024 portrait display. It employs a three button mouse, right-click context menus, multiple windows, and lots, lots more. It was developed at Bell Labs, and is yet another case that illustrates how the technology industry doesn't work in a vacuum.
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by Netfun81 on Sat 1st Sep 2012 22:10 UTC in reply to "Thanks Thom"
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I really wanted an apple II back in the day, but had to settle for a commodore vic20 then 64. Apple pretty much did create the personal computer market. Yes, Steve Jobs was a Sales guy, however he knew something big when he saw it and helped push the market. The IBM PC couldn't do near what you could on an apple. The PC just took over due to a more open hw platform, but it took about a decade to be at a same level.

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