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Windows The Verge published a video demonstrating how desktop mode and Office 2013 - a desktop application - work on Windows RT, the ARM version of Windows 8. The video showed a desktop mode that clearly didn't work well for touch, and even Office 2013, which has a rudimentary touch mode built-in, didn't work properly either. It looked and felt clunky, often didn't respond properly, and even showed touch lag.
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RE: Tired warn out company...
by ze_jerkface on Sun 2nd Sep 2012 03:42 UTC in reply to "Tired warn out company..."
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It's my hypothesis that Linux killed any hope of a Windows desktop replacement! Companies see Linux failed on the desktop and see the carnage left by the also rans of the 1990's (BeOS, OS/2, AmigaOS...) and no one is willing to put any money to bank roll a competitor to MS.

A big problem with dumping money into the Linux desktop is that your competitors get the fruits of your labor thanks to the GPL. Red Hat has managed to get around this by selling a brand name and pricey support to enterprise but that same model doesn't work on the desktop (and Linux fans please note that the Red Hat CEO acknowledged this).

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