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Windows The Verge published a video demonstrating how desktop mode and Office 2013 - a desktop application - work on Windows RT, the ARM version of Windows 8. The video showed a desktop mode that clearly didn't work well for touch, and even Office 2013, which has a rudimentary touch mode built-in, didn't work properly either. It looked and felt clunky, often didn't respond properly, and even showed touch lag.
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RE[7]: Window opportuniry
by ilovebeer on Mon 3rd Sep 2012 03:14 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Window opportuniry"
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I am going to go out on a limb and say that if professional film studios can use Blender and Autodesk on Linux to work on professional films, then the state of Linux audio must not be that bad really.

Linux has no place in the world or pro audio & video. While a very short list of software may be available, you'll be hard-pressed to find anyone who actually uses it. Real pro audio & video is completely dominated by Windows and OSX systems.

I actually support only a few linux people, mostly I deal with Windows and OS X users. And I have to say that I have vastly more problem with WIndows and to a lesser extent OS X than I do with Linux. My sister runs a computer support company, and she has a business because Windows just doesn't work for most people.

Of course you'll have people who have had good luck with linux. The same can be said for Windows and OSX as well. But, all the linux forums and mailing lists tell another linux story. There IS constant breakage, there IS ongoing problems, there IS no shortage of users fighting to get it to work properly.

Also, claiming that Windows doesn't work for most people doesn't do anything but signal sane people not to take you seriously.

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