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General Development After more than a decade, Lazarus has reached version 1.0. For those that don't know Lazarus - it's a Delphi-like IDE for the Free Pascal Compiler and has widget sets for win32/64 GTK2, Qt, and others. It's very very much like Delphi and instead of the VCL it has the LCL which is cross platform. Syntax is almost exactly the same as Delphi. You can create stand-alone win32/64 executables that require no .NET runtime or even an installer.
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by Hiev on Mon 3rd Sep 2012 12:56 UTC in reply to "RE: ..."
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Yes it is my favorite, I send a lot of mails with attachments, GMail block executables in a compressed zip file, my option is Winrar and the prropietary rar format, but with Peazip I can compress it with the 7zip algorithm and have the same results, forgetting about the nag window winrar gives me. And it can also uncompresse rar files and every format know by man, I recommend it to you.

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