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Hardware, Embedded Systems "Efforts are split between models in which keyboards detach from screens, ones in which the keys remain attached but can be hidden behind displays, and traditional fixed clamshell designs." None of these really float my boat. They work with clunky connectors and weird hinges, while I'd much rather have Surface's nice magnetic connection. On top of that, Surface just looks way better than this stuff. Pretty clear why Microsoft felt the need to make their own hardware.
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RE[3]: piss poor design
by UltraZelda64 on Mon 3rd Sep 2012 19:30 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: piss poor design"
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Use it while you still can, because it's clear Microsoft has every intention to eradicate the traditional desktop from Windows as "obsolete" technology as soon as they can. The whole desktop will soon enough go the way of the classic Start menu. You know, when the menu was actually still there, and back before they made it all fancy with two panes and a user picture (IMO, a major step down, introduced in XP and forced onto users in Vista).

iOS and Android may have been different, but they weren't attempted to be be forced on traditional mouse/trackpad and keyboards-based desktop and laptop machines. They were specifically designed for and installed on portable devices with a touchscreen, like phones and tablet computers. Big difference there, because Microsoft is creating a Frankenstein monster with (for now) two completely different graphical user interfaces that have no resemblance to each other, either in appearance, usage, or even intended devices to be used on.

It's what Microsoft should have released separately as "Windows 8 Tablet and Phone Edition" or something.

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