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General Development I like this one: "By definition, a program is an entity that is run by the computer. It talks directly to the CPU and the OS. Code that does not talk directly to the CPU and the OS, but is instead run by some other program that does talk directly to the CPU and the OS, is not a program; it's a script." Here's the other eleven.
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RE[2]: Scripts
by Vanders on Mon 3rd Sep 2012 21:36 UTC in reply to "RE: Scripts"
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Lots of these opinions are "controversial" because they are a load of hogwash.

Hogwash and/or gibberish. For example:

If a method has a second line of code, it is a code smell. Refactor.

What does that even mean?

Having come from a coding background where you were required to know the hardware, and where this is still a vital requirements in my industry, I view high level languages as simply assembling someone else's work.

So I assume this guy programs by waving a magnetised needle over the platter. Hey, wouldn't want to be using somebodies else's work now!

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