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Hardware, Embedded Systems "Efforts are split between models in which keyboards detach from screens, ones in which the keys remain attached but can be hidden behind displays, and traditional fixed clamshell designs." None of these really float my boat. They work with clunky connectors and weird hinges, while I'd much rather have Surface's nice magnetic connection. On top of that, Surface just looks way better than this stuff. Pretty clear why Microsoft felt the need to make their own hardware.
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RE[4]: piss poor design
by WorknMan on Mon 3rd Sep 2012 23:26 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: piss poor design"
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Use it while you still can, because it's clear Microsoft has every intention to eradicate the traditional desktop from Windows as "obsolete" technology as soon as they can.

'As soon as they can' is the key here, and will probably be like in Windows 12 ;) They're not going to be able to turn it off until Metro gets mature enough to the point where they can port fully-functional versions of Office and Visual Studio to it. And if you don't think Metro will ever get mature enough for that, go back and take a look at Windows 1.0; that's essentially the foundation that Windows 7 was built on. Already, it has several features that the classic desktop does not.

So, relax guys. You're not going to install Windows 9 and suddenly discover that the traditional desktop is gone, and it's all Metro. I think the point here is to try and get tech tards moved over, and then migrate the power users at a later time. And in the unlikely event that the traditional desktop does go away in Windows 9, it's going to go away whether I use it Windows 7 or Windows 8.

It's also possible that if Metro doesn't catch on with the computer illiterate, MS will abandon it, just like they have done with other technologies that they 'bet the company' on.

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