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General Development I like this one: "By definition, a program is an entity that is run by the computer. It talks directly to the CPU and the OS. Code that does not talk directly to the CPU and the OS, but is instead run by some other program that does talk directly to the CPU and the OS, is not a program; it's a script." Here's the other eleven.
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RE: Comment by Soulbender
by satsujinka on Tue 4th Sep 2012 01:04 UTC in reply to "Comment by Soulbender"
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Yes, we are living in the future, so stop using exceptions and use maybes/tuples/multiple return values. Or really anything that doesn't turn your execution order into spaghetti.

Also the OOP opinion was actually very reasonable. The author was lamenting the simple fact that OO is too vague. It's hard to have rationale, scientific discussions about something when the proponents of it can't even agree what they're talking about.

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