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Windows The Verge published a video demonstrating how desktop mode and Office 2013 - a desktop application - work on Windows RT, the ARM version of Windows 8. The video showed a desktop mode that clearly didn't work well for touch, and even Office 2013, which has a rudimentary touch mode built-in, didn't work properly either. It looked and felt clunky, often didn't respond properly, and even showed touch lag.
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I have no idea how the average Windows consumer will cope with all this let alone enterprise IT. If MS had had the courage to just go with Metro as a new and separate OS and developed a new completely redesigned for touch set of productivity suites they may have stood a chance to make it work.

I agree with this part.

Had Windows 8 been a nice and gradual evolution from Windows 7, then enterprises (and dare I say it, a lot of us computer geeks) would have been very happy. Maybe they could have called it Windows 7.5 :-) (or adopt a version numbering structure that doesn't smack of marketing foo-foo.)

Here's an idea: Metro could have (should have) been a seperate OS as you state, but there is no reason it couldn't be spawned when required from with-in Windows as a virtual machine to run a touch application... Much in the way you can run Android applications now from Windows (see Bluestacks.)

This would have satisfied the need to run the occasional touch application, whilst not destroying the desktop experience that many depend upon or simply like.

With that said, I'm already tailoring ways to make Windows 8 more Windows 7-like, so perhaps this will all be a storm in a tea-cup...

It's like watching a great whale die.

Other people have touched on this, but I really doubt Microsoft is going anywhere soon. Even given much thought to what would be required for an organisation (even a small one) to fully abandon that ship? The cost would be outrageous and what is the gain exactly?

IMHO: We'll see another decade of Windows 7 installs (with Windows 8 licenses) before that happens!

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