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OSNews, Generic OSes "After nearly three years of work, I have a pleasure to announce that Qubes 1.0 has finally been released! [...] I would like to thank all the developers who have worked on this project. Creating Qubes OS has been a great challenge, especially for such a small team as ours, but ultimately, I'm very glad with the final outcome - it really is a stable and reasonably secure desktop OS."
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RE[6]: Comment by BBAP
by peteo on Tue 4th Sep 2012 13:30 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Comment by BBAP"
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What we should take away from this is that

1) It's perfectly fine for Qubes to call itself an OS.

2) It's very different from your stock distro, which makes it even finer to call itself an OS. With a Linux kernel.

Now we eat.

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