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General Development I like this one: "By definition, a program is an entity that is run by the computer. It talks directly to the CPU and the OS. Code that does not talk directly to the CPU and the OS, but is instead run by some other program that does talk directly to the CPU and the OS, is not a program; it's a script." Here's the other eleven.
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RE[5]: C++
by satsujinka on Tue 4th Sep 2012 17:36 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: C++"
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All those containers are duplicates of other containers in the STL. Also, Boost is a nightmare, not a benefit.

If you can't manage an array, then you have no right to be talking about "complicated things." Arrays are not difficult things to work with. Push, pop, insert, and delete are all straight forward functions (that C should have defined, but I digress.) Keeping track of the length is also not difficult (and can be managed by the push/pop/insert/delete functions.)

GUI programming is not crazy because it's complicated, it simply isn't complicated. It's tedious. But more to the point, the current style of GUI programming is crazy because it ignores good coding conventions )such as reduction of coupling.) This is practically a requirement of most GUI frameworks, because they insist on ignoring the fact that they're dealing with a reactive system. Instead of making themselves reactive, they use the event model (which only poorly emulates the desired properties, because it requires explicit handling of events.)

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