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General Development I like this one: "By definition, a program is an entity that is run by the computer. It talks directly to the CPU and the OS. Code that does not talk directly to the CPU and the OS, but is instead run by some other program that does talk directly to the CPU and the OS, is not a program; it's a script." Here's the other eleven.
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RE[5]: C++
by JAlexoid on Tue 4th Sep 2012 23:11 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: C++"
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I fail to see why this is a problem. The multi-style nature of C++ is better than trying to cram every problem into an OO or functional or message passing style.

I think I already expressed this from a perspective of a person that has to hire developers to develop and maintain a codebase.
When you are a lone star programmer - C++ is great.
When you have to work with a large group of people - then it becomes a problem.

And no, there are not two ways of doing things in C++, there are thousands. In short - too many to be good for assembling and maintaining a team.

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