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OSNews, Generic OSes "After nearly three years of work, I have a pleasure to announce that Qubes 1.0 has finally been released! [...] I would like to thank all the developers who have worked on this project. Creating Qubes OS has been a great challenge, especially for such a small team as ours, but ultimately, I'm very glad with the final outcome - it really is a stable and reasonably secure desktop OS."
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nice effort
by NuxRo on Wed 5th Sep 2012 09:17 UTC
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Nice effort, but it looks like overkill to me.

I'd be more interested in something lighter and more integrated, like Selinux Sandboxing (hm, something to look into I guess).

Funny how the installation guide almost attacks NoScript - lol, what is that all about? Especially from people focused on security:

"Note: Be sure that you use a modern, non-handicapped browser to access the links below (e.g. disable the NoScript and the likes extensions that try to turn your Web Browser essentially into the 90's Mosaic)."

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