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Legal "This is in the believe it or not category, but the foreman in the Apple v Samsung trial is still talking about the verdict and why the jurors did what they did. And the more he talks, the worse it gets for that verdict. Gizmodo asked him to sit today for live questions. And believe it or not, he did it. And when asked if the jury was ever asking whether or not a patent should have issued, he claims that they never did because that wasn't their role and the judge told them to assume the patents issued properly and not to second guess that determination. That is so wrong it's not even just wrong. The verdict form and the jury instructions specifically asked them to address that very question." Together with the earlier reports, it's quite clear by now this jury messed up completely. If a device with a keyboard can be found to infringe iPhone design patents, then everything can. This verdict should be flushed down the crapper.
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That is the way the cookie crumbles.
by jefro on Wed 5th Sep 2012 16:10 UTC
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I talked to a lady at work who was on a jury.

A bus ran into a car. The car was partly in the road because the driver of the car died from a heart attack. The bus company sued the estate and won. I asked how on earth could a dead/dying person be responsible? The poor soul even seemed to try to get off the road. The bus driver was supposed to control his bus! She said it made sense when I said it but in court she got confused and they way the lawyer said it seemed right at the time.

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