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General Development "Computer programming is the art, craft and science of writing programs which define how computers operate. This book will teach you how to write computer programs using a programming language designed by Google named Go." Freely available book on Go.
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I mostly agree, however, I don't really feel it's performance is so poor as to be an issue.

Well it was mainly that of me expecting near c-performance as that was a stated goal, however I also think the lack of (my expected) performance is primarily due to the lack of a mature gc and better optimized math functionality. Maybe I should do a tip build to see if there's been any substantial improvements of late.

I do really miss the union type, however, if I remember correctly there was issues with the gc (and interfaces can cover in language needs to a certain extent.)

Yes I can see it potentially causing problems for a memory safe language like Go, still it's really only a problem if you are using external code like c-libraries, if you code 100% in Go I presume you can efficiently design around a need for it.

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