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In the News Pretty scummy stuff by Samsung, this. The company apologised, but what it shows is just how warped tech reporting and blogging really is. Websites are dependent on review items, early access, and press invites, and we really have no idea just how much this influences reporting. Do you really think that reviewers and bloggers who are too critical will get invited to the next product unveil in Cupertino or will get early access to the next Galaxy device? If so, I have a palace to sell you.
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They weren't being stupid, because big companies do that kind of thing for bloggers and small-time journalists all the time, and most of them are explicit that they expect no quid pro quo. I personally think that it was a mixup/communication breakdown on the part of Samsung staff, where the people who invited them expected them to blog about the event and nothing more, but the staff on the ground thought they were contract-hired PR staff that were brought in to work the show. But I only think that because I can't fathom that Samsung could have been that stupid on purpose:'s_razor

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