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Graphics, User Interfaces "Copying design choices (use of materials, shapes, manufacturing limitations) purely as aesthetic is toxic, and it’s not design. It misunderstands the very nature of what product design is supposed to accomplish and ignores the true nature of what the product is and what it does." Concise but spot-on criticism of skeuomorphism by Wells Riley. Couldn't agree with this more.
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Skeuomorphism is the easy way IN too.
by steviant on Wed 5th Sep 2012 22:19 UTC
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This word has been around a long time but has begun being bandied about as a pejorative against visual designs that some people dislike lately. The truth of the matter is that Skeuomorphism is more than how something looks, but about familiarity.

To dismiss Skeuomorphism is to dismiss things like an on screen Qwerty keyboard (a typewriter keyboard! Wtf?! How quaint!)

We like and need skeuomorphic designs to preserve our knowledge and ability to recognise things. Under close examination one of the things that become clear is that many people think if you make something look boring and unadorned then it can't possibly be skeuomorphic.

The sad truth is that Android, Windows Phone and iOS are all more or less equally skeuomorphic. However some people feel that if you make your designs flat and blue that it can't possibly be considered skeuomorphic. I'm sorry, but that just makes it uninteresting and less engaging.

A true move away from Skeuomorphism would include the removal of everything that's familiar. We have a non skeuomorphic user interface that predates the GUI, it's called the command line. It's still there today in every OS.

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