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Google "I was recently testing some of the keywords and positions for our help-desk app and it suddenly occurred to me that 80% of the page were not actually the search results. Check this out." He has a very good point. Google has work to do here.
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The article includes whitespace, navigation elements and even the browser as "ADs", that's a very shifty move to artificially increase the supposedly-bad area.

I would go further than that... The article is downright deceitful. The author is completely making it up as he goes along and stacking his argument using totally misleading images.

There is no basis whatsoever for what he wrote - it is simply fiction.

The only significant difference between the "old" google layout and the new one is the utility links sidebar, which is variable width but appears to take up about 15% of the page vertically. That is arguably useful and is not advertising, but it does constitute "non-search" elements so Ill give him that one.

The rest? Purely contrived. The sponsored links sidebar and paids links at the top of the page are exactly the same as they always were - the only difference is where Google is choosing to pad things out with whitespace, which is neither search or non-search - it is simply whitespace...

As far as the number of ad items appearing above the results being different, that is a function of what is being searched for and always has been.

Why???? What is the point of writing this? Anyone can see the argument is totally flawed...

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