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Windows The Verge published a video demonstrating how desktop mode and Office 2013 - a desktop application - work on Windows RT, the ARM version of Windows 8. The video showed a desktop mode that clearly didn't work well for touch, and even Office 2013, which has a rudimentary touch mode built-in, didn't work properly either. It looked and felt clunky, often didn't respond properly, and even showed touch lag.
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RE[3]: Comment by ephracis
by ilovebeer on Thu 6th Sep 2012 05:55 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by ephracis"
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Even Windows Media Center, which some people seem to like, is incredibly confusing and way too much work for a simple TV environment.

I know several people who use WMC. All of them ordinary home users, none of them needed any help. It's probably safe to say more than some people like it, and I doubt it's remotely close to your "incredibly confusing and way too much work" claim. If Windows and/or WMC is that challenging for somebody, my first thought would be either they have crap issue-laden hardware, or they're really lame when it comes to computers.

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