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Google "I was recently testing some of the keywords and positions for our help-desk app and it suddenly occurred to me that 80% of the page were not actually the search results. Check this out." He has a very good point. Google has work to do here.
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RE[3]: Where?
by WereCatf on Thu 6th Sep 2012 09:08 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Where?"
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Me too... I was fully expecting it, as well as being down-modded to oblivion. I bet they'll eventually arrive, though. Topics like these, about advertising and ad blocking, never fail to attract people who are for whatever reason completely against the concept of blocking nuisances including advertisements.

Often blocking ads is not only about convenience, but also about security; most Joes and Janes do insist on keeping Flash installed so installing AdBlock for them gets rid of ads and at the same time drastically reduces the chances for them to receive a drive-by malware-injection via a vulnerability in Flash.

Sure, it is a loss in profits for the party that is running those ads, but the increase in security is significant enough to warrant that.

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