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Benchmarks "During the 4th Semester of my studies I wrote a small 3d spaceship deathmatch shooter with the D-Programming language. It was created within 3 Months time and allows multiple players to play deathmatch over local area network. All of the code was written with a garbage collector in mind and made wide usage of the D standard library phobos. After the project was finished I noticed how much time is spend every frame for garbage collection, so I decided to create a version of the game which does not use a GC, to improve performance."
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RE: GC is for scripting
by Meor on Fri 7th Sep 2012 00:30 UTC in reply to "GC is for scripting"
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Bullshit. GCs are completely applicable in applications that are I/O bound or CPU bound; essentially GCs are great in any application where the GC drawbacks are acceptable.

Most people don't write operating systems or drivers.

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