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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless If there's one thing I miss in the current smartphone industry, it's design. Honest to good, real design. We basically see one boring slab after another, void of any true identity, whether it's iPhone, Samsung, or any of the others. In this boring world of grey, black, and the occasional white, Nokia is the jester, coming up with its own unique designs and crazy colour selection. Today, the company unveiled the Lumia 920 and 820 to continue this trend.
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Not only are a shit load of the items on that list addressed by Windows Phone 8, but some are even addressed by Nokia themselves as OEM apps.

The list is stupid though. Anyone could come up with a million reasons to hate a platform. Doesn't make them good reasons.

It's a valid list of things missing from Windows Phone. Look, Nokia did far better job themselves with N9 hardware and software than what they've done with Lumias built around Microsoft's Windows Phone.

To me it sounds like you're saying that everything is fine, and that OEM & 3rd party applications will complete the missing core functionality, and that Windows Phone 8, Windows Phone 9, Windows Phone 10, etc. is sure to address any core flaw the platform has? (facepalm)

If the situation was like you say, then why Samsung sold like more than 20 million GS3s just in 3 months. Nokia has only managed to ship 7 million Lumia devices combined in since they started selling them.

Why Nokia isn't selling Lumia devices like hot cakes? Why Nokia's N9 sold better than any Lumia device despite Nokia restricted seriously its sales? The truth is that Windows Phone doesn't cut it out and Nokia will go down with the Windows Phone with boots on. I'm going to be very happy to see that happen.

You don't know exactly what issues Windows Phone 8 will fix and what it won't since it's not out yet. Claiming that "it will shit load of things Windows Phone 8 will address" is BS until proven otherwise. So far there are only few things we know for certain that are fixed in Windows Phone 8. Some of which I already mentioned in my other post.

The way you put out that "anyone can come up with a million reasons to hate a platform" sounds like in your opinion there are no good reasons to avoid Windows Phone. I'm like offering my opinions here and opinions of others and I'm at least trying to base off these things on facts, and you're like not even trying to pick these things up for a conversation. Personally, I'm going to interpret that as a fanboyism.

And to balance things out a little bit. I like the Windows Phone UI. It's pretty. (But it's complex to dive into [doesn't mean it's difficult to use], and has serious usability flaws.)

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