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Windows "Windows Server 2012 probably won't have the adoption lag in the enterprise that Windows 8 is bound to face. That's because, aside from the Metro GUI, Server 2012's biggest changes are in substance rather than style, building upon what the company delivered with Windows Server 2008 Release 2 three years ago. In particular, Server 2012 takes two management features Server 2008 R2 admins will be familiar with - Server Manager and PowerShell - and expands on them considerably."
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RE[5]: PowerShell
by lucas_maximus on Fri 7th Sep 2012 08:46 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: PowerShell"
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Just tried Nuget Package Manager in VS2010 ... which would be something equivalent ... 4 seconds.

I have a HP Z600 sitting under my desk, which would the similar to

In any case, I have no idea why startup time of a few seconds would be that critical.

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