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Benchmarks "During the 4th Semester of my studies I wrote a small 3d spaceship deathmatch shooter with the D-Programming language. It was created within 3 Months time and allows multiple players to play deathmatch over local area network. All of the code was written with a garbage collector in mind and made wide usage of the D standard library phobos. After the project was finished I noticed how much time is spend every frame for garbage collection, so I decided to create a version of the game which does not use a GC, to improve performance."
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RE[6]: GC is for scripting
by tanzam75 on Sat 8th Sep 2012 21:55 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: GC is for scripting"
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I still don't think it's safe to assume these generalisations are accurate without benchmarking them in an application.

Of course, benchmarking is always the first step in attacking performance problems. Every problem is unique.

That does not mean that we can't give rules of thumb. They may not always be true in every scenario, but they give you a starting point. They tell you what to pay attention to during the benchmarks, and what tweaks to try.

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